Addiction Treatment: Curb Normal Cognitive Processes

People who have decided to enter a substance use disorder treatment center often have some misconceptions about what it will take to find recovery. It is quite common for addicts and alcoholics to think that all they have to do is stop using drugs or alcohol, and after thirty days or longer, they will no...
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Drug Tests Affect Job Market

Just a few decades ago it was practically unheard of to require both employees and potential employees to submit to drug testing, even for government jobs. Today, it is the polar opposite, with drug testing requirements in practically every field, especially those involving salary pay or working with heavy machinery. It is quite common for...
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Needle Exchange and Naloxone – Having All The Facts

When talking about addiction, things are said at times that are not rooted in reality, but rather fear. People will often let their emotions dictate whether they will support a particular policy or not, a trend which can have a ripple effect with dire outcomes. In the past, before the country realized the true scope...
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College Students Less Likely to be Advised by Doctors on Substance Use

Screening college students for drug and alcohol use is of the utmost importance, crucial for spotting problems early and referring students toward appropriate assistance. Unfortunately, substance use problems often go unnoticed; problems get out of hand and serious consequences can result. It is no secret that college campuses can be hotbeds of reckless drinking and...
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The Efficacy of Zero-Tolerance Drug Policies

In the United States, preventing drug and alcohol use among teenagers is a high priority. At nearly every public school, zero-tolerance drug policies are in place. While the practice may seem to be an effective deterrent against drug use among teenagers, in reality new research indicates that the opposite may be happening. Analyzing data from...
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Army STARRS Data: Researchers Uncover Alarming Stats

English: Dr. Charles Hoge, Walter Reed Army Institute of research and Brig. Gen. Colleen L. McGuire, director, Army Suicide Prevention Task Force, discussed suicide, post traumatic stress disorder, and the social stigma that prevents Soldiers with PTSD from stepping forward to get treated, during a panel presentation called “Surviving and Thriving in Harm’s Way,” September...
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Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much?

 Chemical structure of Caffeine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A cup of coffee, a soda or a piece of chocolate… How much caffeine do you consume each day? Do you even know? If you have health problems and you have been cautioned to avoid caffeine altogether or to limit your caffeine intake, then you are cognizant of...
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Doctors Learn Interviewing Techniques With Interactive Video Game

The Doctor, by Sir Luke Fildes (1891) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Did you ever need to go to a hospital emergency room for yourself or to accompany a loved one? The process of explaining your symptoms to the doctor can be cumbersome. You might be suffering from extreme pain due to illness or injury, or even...
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The Cinnamon Challenge

Experimenting with illicit drugs as well as binge drinking is common amongst teenagers and young adults across the country. Both activities can be extremely dangerous, deadly, and/or can lead to addiction at an early age of life. Most teenagers who start experimenting with drug use and binge drinking were pressured into it by their peers....
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Rural Teens and Risky Behavior

Teenagers who do not stay involved with extracurricular activities, such as volunteering, are more likely to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol. It is well known that idle time is the devil’s hand maiden, especially for the younger age groups who are easily influenced by their peers. In rural communities across the country teenagers...
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