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About Cottonwood Tucson's Cuisine

At Cottonwood Tucson, we offer a delicious cuisine that is skillfully designed to incorporate nutrients that optimize healing and recovery – meals planned and prepared to be healthy, delicious, and pleasing to the eye. Members of our culinary team, in consultation with our full-time registered dietitian, use the finest ingredients to create meals from scratch to create comfort food made with love.

Supporting Recovery Through Nutrition

We believe great cooking using fresh seasonal ingredients is an important part of the recovery and healing process. Our menu is both refined and memorable, introducing patients to new foods, healthy cooking, and homestyle comfort food.

Cottonwood’s staff is happy to work with client requests, special nutritional needs, cultural or religious dietary concerns, or personal taste preferences.

We provide for a wide-range of dietary requests, including vegan, keto, and Kosher options.

Cottonwood Chefs - cuisine at Cottonwood Tucson

At Cottonwood, patients have the opportunity to practice what they learn about value of good nutrition in recovery. Each meal demonstrates how the creative use of balanced nutrition can result in delicious and satisfying meals that support recovery by incorporating vitamins and amino acids that help to stabilize mood while reducing cravings for destructive substances or disordered behavior.

Carefully Prepared Meals

Breakfast begins with omelets made to order, blintzes, or maybe a bowl of steel cut oats topped with a choice of fresh seasonal fruits, ground flax seed and nuts. Lunch might feature sauté stations that offer patients an opportunity to create their own combinations of grains, vegetables, and proteins flavored with house-made sauces. Chefs then sauté these ingredients to each patient’s order. Dinner is also a beautifully plated meal that is balanced and responsibly portioned. An entree like brown rice crusted chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, and roasted red peppers and finished with a roasted shallot broth and complemented with sweet potato puree may tempt our patients on a particular evening. Or the featured entrée may be Asian firecracker beef with warm sesame vinaigrette accompanied by oriental coleslaw and black forbidden rice. On a different evening, patients may choose from items such as blue corn crusted tofu with cilantro and roasted red pepper chimichurri or roasted portabella mushrooms with white bean spread, fresh basil leaves, and shaved tomatoes finished with a balsamic reduction. Kosher and vegetarian options are also available at all meals.

It is amazing to witness the transformation that happens here and to know you had something to do with it.

Tommy Mattimoe, Cottonwood Chef

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