Binge Drinking: Alcohol and Caffeine

One of the most common drinking practices among teenagers and young adults is mixing alcohol with highly caffeinated energy drinks, such as Red Bull or Rockstar. The idea behind the practice is to extend the length of time one can drink. As the night progresses, alcohol being a depressant, causes users to experience sedative effects....
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Teenagers Mixing Energy Drinks With Alcohol

The practice of mixing energy drinks with alcohol is quite common amongst teenagers and young adults. There is a misguided belief that the mixture of the two allows one to drink for a longer period of time, and heightens one’s ability to safely drive while under the influence. While the energy drink may give the...
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Mixing Energy Drinks And Alcohol Is A Dangerous Cocktail: You Might Find Yourself “Wide Awake Drunk”

English: collection of many energy drinks (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Do you drink energy drinks? It is a simple question. Many people really enjoy energy drinks; there are those who do not like the taste of coffee so they get their caffeine boost with either caffeinated sodas or energy drinks. We often think of energy drinks...
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“The Java Jive” ~ Recovery, Nutrition, Cravings, And Caffeine

“I love coffee, I love tea, I love the Java Jive and it loves me Coffee and tea and the java and me, A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!” The Java Jive… Just in case you are not familiar with the lyrics shown above, they are from the 1940’s hit The...
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“Be Careful Out There” ~ Energy Drink Dietary Supplement Being Investigated

Instant gratification is part of our lives. Thirty years ago most homes had one phone line, although they may have had multiple phones in their home. About 25 years ago most families did not have a personal computer and we certainly didn’t communicate regularly with emails, let alone even imagine to dream of sending instant...
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Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much?

 Chemical structure of Caffeine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A cup of coffee, a soda or a piece of chocolate… How much caffeine do you consume each day? Do you even know? If you have health problems and you have been cautioned to avoid caffeine altogether or to limit your caffeine intake, then you are cognizant of...
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Worries About Energy Spray With Alcohol

Over the last few years the amount of people mixing energy products with alcohol has become a major concern amongst health officials. Mixing stimulants, even caffeine, with alcohol is dangerous and can absolutely be a fatal combination. It gives drinkers a false sense of being less intoxicated thus resulting with individuals drinking more to the...
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