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Returning to Work After Rehab

There are many “firsts” to look forward to when you complete an inpatient or extensive outpatient rehabilitation program. For a lot of people, the opportunity to return to work is a big accomplishment. As you approach this sobriety milestone, it may be necessary to create a detailed plan of action regarding a number of factors,...
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Drug Tests Affect Job Market

Just a few decades ago it was practically unheard of to require both employees and potential employees to submit to drug testing, even for government jobs. Today, it is the polar opposite, with drug testing requirements in practically every field, especially those involving salary pay or working with heavy machinery. It is quite common for...
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Depression And Employee Absenteeism: Estimated Cost In The US Is $23 Billion

What kind of work do you do? It is kind of an odd question for a Saturday morning, but over the last day or two we saw a number of articles that dealt with the cost of depression in the U.S. workplace. Yes, we said depression. Working at a job for an employer or being...
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Finding That “Get Well” Job When You Are In Recovery

Recovery – “One Day At A Time” Recovery and Employment Finding gainful employment when recovering from any illness or injury can be and often is difficult. If you are a treatment professional working with people who are recovering from mental health disorders and/or addiction, then you know how important it is to include a discussion...
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Behavioral Health Technicians Immediate Openings Available!

Cottonwood de Tucson has immediate openings available for Behavioral Health Technicians. Full-time, Part-time and As-needed on All Shifts. The most qualified candidates are those with a Bachelor’s degree. In lieu of a degree, a combination of education and recent work experience working with chemical dependency and/or a behavioral health care environment will be considered. Our...
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Full-Time Position Available Adult and Extended Care Units Counselor Cottonwood de Tucson

Full-Time Position Available Adult and Extended Care Units Counselor Cottonwood de Tucson Cottonwood de Tucson is a highly acclaimed treatment facility specializing in effective inpatient dual diagnosis, chemical dependency and behavioral health programs. We currently have a full-time position available working with our Adult population at both our inpatient treatment and extended care facilities. The...
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