What Do I Do When a Doctor Wants to Prescribe Me an Opioid and I’m in Recovery?

Substance abuse is defined by using substances against their intended purposes. Being a sober individual in recovery, you are living a new lifestyle which helps you stay away from abusive behaviors. Abstinence is advocated in recovery in order to ensure lifelong sobriety. However, life does happen. Sobriety and abstinence is not immunity to life and...
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Opioid Use Disorder and General Healthcare

Abusing a drug of any kind carries certain inherent risks, firstly being addiction. Continued use for long periods of time wreaks havoc on both mind and body, severely impacting one’s quality of life and more times than not leading to premature death. But the outcome does not need to be a foregone conclusion, given that...
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PDMPs: Mandatory Physician Registration

There are tools available that can save people’s life, even if those people do not yet know that their lives require saving. Over what has now been nearly two decades, prescription opioid painkillers have become one the nation’s biggest causes of premature death. While such medications are necessary in certain instances, they are prescribed far...
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Safely Prescribing Opioid Painkillers

Over the last couple weeks and beyond, we have covered a number of topics regarding the American opioid addiction epidemic. Anything from fatal overdoses involving opioids and benzodiazepines to whom (e.g. doctors, pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers) should be held to account for their role in the epidemic we face. Until the time comes when there...
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Prescription Opioid Distributors Settle

When compiling a list of all the entities and groups of people who had a hand in the American opioid addiction epidemic, bring a lot of paper and ink. From pharmaceutical companies (manufacturing) to pharmacies (distributing), there is a lot going on in between. Doctors, prescribing nurses, emergency rooms would certainly have a place on...
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Performance Enhancing Supplements Used by Teens

For many Americans, “looks” are of the utmost importance. A significant amount of energy is spent working on one’s image, which is typically honed by way of the gym and eating healthy. While staying in good shape is recommended, a number of Americans take drastic measures to accomplish the goal—even among those who do not...
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Training Dentists to Safely Prescribe Opioids

We cover the use of prescription opioids quite often, due to the fact of both over prescribing and over reliance on drugs like oxycodone has resulted in an unprecedented epidemic in this country. While prescription opioids take the prize as being the most effective form of pain management, the risks of prescribing such drugs often...
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Should Doctors Undergo Pain Management Training?

Prescription painkillers are extremely dangerous, as is evident by the 44 overdose deaths that occur every day in the United States as a result of the legal narcotics. Those with a history of opioid addiction will tell you that there is a fine line between a good high and an overdose, a tightrope walk between...
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Reevaluating Pain Management Standards

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how bad is your pain?” It is a question that is asked countless times in hospitals across the country every day. Those who are experiencing moderate to severe pain will usually be given a prescription opioid of some kind, such as hydrocodone or oxycodone. You may find it...
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New York Mandates Electronic Prescribing

In the 21st Century, in a world driven by technological devices such as smartphones and computers, it may come as a surprise to learn that an overwhelming majority of doctors still prescribe drugs with pen and paper. The high value of prescription narcotics, especially opioid painkillers, means that some people will do whatever it takes...
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