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Staff Research & Articles

Our team of caring experts continues their education and research in the mental health field, particularly as it pertains to addiction and recovery. We are pleased to provide you with a sample of articles presented by our staff members. Simply click on the article link to open the PDF.

The Essence of Resilience: Stories of Triumph over Trauma by Tanya Lauer & Kathleen Parrish

The Essence of Resilience: Stories of Triumph over Trauma

by Tanya Lauer & Kathleen Parrish

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When trauma enters the lives of the unsuspecting, it steals from their very soul. It not only robs them of peace and joy, it can take years and decades from their lives while they desperately try to fill the hole in their heart, pretending that their soul isn’t leaking out of it. No one is ever prepared for trauma and no one is ever left unchanged by traumatic events.

In the face of such adversity, what allows one person to find the gift in their wound and another to suffer endlessly? Enter Tanya Lauer and Kathleen Parrish, professional counselors at the internationally renowned residential treatment center, Cottonwood Tucson.

With over 40 years combined experience helping people survive trauma and find the “gift in their wound,” Lauer and Parrish offer The Essence of Resilience―an urgent and vital answer to this all-too-common marauder. Topical tools for healing include: Story, Relationships, Trust, Compassion, Gratitude, Animals and Pets, Nature, Humor, and Spirituality. Through stories, compassion and understanding, they guide readers straight to the heart of resilience―that place where we learn to heal and thrive.

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