The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

Mental health specialists long suspected there were links between trauma and addiction. Just as traumatic experiences have an impact on other avenues of mental health, addiction can arise as a response to trauma symptoms.  In this article, Cottonwood Tucson examines the connections between trauma and addiction and how trauma-informed substance use disorder treatment is making...
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What Can Matthew Perry Teach Us About Alcoholism and Addiction?

On October 28, 2023, actor Matthew Perry, best known as Chandler from the sitcom ‘Friends’, passed away at the age of 54. While a drug overdose was not the cause of his untimely passing, Perry’s longtime battle with alcoholism and addiction has been a relevant topic of conversation in the wake of his death.  What...
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ADHD medication - does ADHD cause addiction concept

Does ADHD Cause Addiction?

To summarize, does ADHD cause addiction? The answer is no–not directly, but it is a factor in the likelihood of someone developing a substance use disorder. People with ADHD are much more likely to feel overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and at odds with how school, workplaces, and even society operates. Understanding ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or...
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Benefits of Ecotherapy, Ecotherapy by Definition, Group aspects of ecotherapy, ECO therapy in Recovery, Ecotherapy for Addiction Recovery

Ecotherapy for Better Health

You probably already know how being in nature makes you feel more refreshed. You may have even discovered that a little dose of the outdoors really lifts your mood. But mental health professionals are taking this one step further, prescribing an application of ecotherapy for improved health and wellness.   Ecotherapy by Definition So what’s the...
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sad friends need help get better

Asking for Help Is Hard—Here’s How to Get Better at It

Whether it’s carrying groceries or talking about a serious subject, many of us avoid asking for help, and there are numerous reasons why. Yet science reinforces that we feel better in the long run not only because someone helps us, but also because we recognize the value of this support and how much better everyone—giver...
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friends gambling playing cards drinking addictions

Can You Have Two Process Addictions at Once? Yes, and Here’s Why

You’re probably familiar with the concept of gambling too much or excessive shopping. Known as process addictions, they’re two examples of maladaptive behavior. Others in this category of conditions include sex and love, gaming, exercise, food, pornography, and even work. Why is it so common for people to struggle with more than one process addiction?...
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man in the dark looking at his smart phone - social media

Does Social Media Make Us Feel Better or Worse About Ourselves?

In many respects, social media can be an effective point of meaningful connection for many people—such as Cottonwood’s Instagram and Facebook pages, for example. But some experts believe it might do more harm than good. Which is right? Depending on how you view social media, you might already have an opinion about this issue. The...
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dark kitchen where woman is opening the fridge - Night-Eating Syndrome

How Is Night-Eating Syndrome Different Than Binge Eating?

Although you might be familiar with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, night-eating syndrome, or NES, is more along the lines of binge eating. However, it’s still a different disorder altogether, and anyone who suffers from it requires comprehensive individualized treatment. Understanding Night-Eating Syndrome People are often surprised to learn that NES was...
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black and white image of Amy Speace, taken by Neilson Hubbard

Tipping the Crucible: How Artist Amy Speace Forged a New Existence

“It’s only my experience, but all the therapy I did before I got sober was me telling myself and the therapist lies, whether blatant or subconscious,” folk/Americana singer-songwriter Amy Speace tells Cottonwood Tucson. “How could I really dig into trauma if I was medicating, not feeling the deep feelings?” But addiction recovery was only the...
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pretty brunette woman with long hair sitting on a couch holding her arms in a questioning gesture - resolutions or goals

Which Are Better: Resolutions or Goals?

New Year’s: Resolutions or Goals? It’s the time of year when starting anew and releasing what no longer serves you is a popular topic. What’s truly better, though: setting New Year’s resolutions or establishing a series of goals without that particular label? Why the New Year? A specific day on the calendar really shouldn’t dictate...
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