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Is Marijuana Legalization Good or Bad for America?

The U.S. has had a long and complicated history with marijuana–from its early history in smoky jazz cafes in New Orleans to the 60s counterculture. Today, we’re witnessing the sweep of state-level moves toward legalization from coast to coast. There are few people without an opinion on the issue. This Cottonwood Tucson article takes a...
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How is Marijuana Abused?

Marijuana abuse begins when it is used habitually, and typically as a reaction or response to some other issue. Marijuana is smoked and inhaled, but the active ingredient in marijuana, THC can be extracted and used in food. It may not have the same harmful tar and nicotine ingredients as tobacco, but marijuana smoke can...
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Synthetic Marijuana, “Spice”, Causes Overdoses, Hospitalizations

Type “spice marijuana” or “synthetic marijuana” into Google and be met with tales of horror. Spice, the street name for synthetic marijuana, is no longer a random occurrence happening in the small corners of the country. Routinely, reports of overdose outbreaks make local headlines. Unfortunately, spice has not become a matter of national news, leaving...
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How Long Does It Take For Marijuana To Leave The System?

Marijuana and the active ingredient THC can stay in the system for many months after the last use. In both urine and hair follicle testing, marijuana chemicals can remain in the body. As a result, many chronic marijuana users and marijuana addicts experience phantom symptoms of marijuana, as if they were intoxicated. One Broadly contributor...
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Marijuana Research Faces Many Obstacles

The ever-changing landscape of marijuana law throughout the country demands that copious amounts of scientific research be conducted. Without such studies, there is no way to understand the true risks of legalizing a drug that’s use has been prohibited for nearly a century. Recently, a new study was presented that showed that marijuana users are...
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Marijuana Puts Baby At Risk

Abstaining from all mind-altering substances during pregnancy is generally considered to be the safest course of action for any expectant mother. The warnings are pasted on bottles of alcohol and printed on cigarette packs. Taverns typically post disclaimers about the potential harmful effects that alcohol can have on a fetus. And now, in the wake...
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Medical Marijuana With Addiction Recovery?

The majority of addiction recovery modalities utilized around that world advocate for complete abstinence. Simply put, no matter what substance you became addicted to, it is best that you refrain from the use of any mind-altering substance. Not only do people who meet the criteria for addiction have a propensity to become dependent on another...
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Pain Management Without Addiction

Pain, and the treatment of it, are one of the biggest concerns that Americans have today. Millions of Americans battle with persistent pain every day, and the only effective methods of treatment that are currently available have the potential for abuse, addiction and loss of life. We are all too familiar with the never ending...
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The Human ‘Marijuana Receptor’

There is a serious lack of understanding when comes to marijuana. Decades of prohibition in the United States made it very difficult to conduct research on the drug, a substance that some believe is relatively harmless and should be legal for adult use, while others believe it should be illegal. Then there is a group...
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DEA Denies Marijuana Reclassification

Marijuana prohibition in the United States, some would argue, has done more harm than good. While the drug is both habit forming and can lead to negative health consequences, many Americans are in favor of changing both state and federal marijuana laws. With November around the corner, many states will be voting on joining the...
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