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What Is Complex Trauma?

Complex trauma can occur when someone experiences, witnesses, or is confronted by a death, injury or threats to one’s integrity. It is an event which causes extreme stress, fear, or horror during which a person feels powerless to change or stop the situation from occurring. According to research, traumatic events can alter the structure and functioning of the brain and its neurochemistry.

The Effects of Trauma

Traumatic events can impact mood, personality, relationships, and a person’s overall ability to function. In addition, individuals who experience trauma have increased risk factors for other problems such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, personality disorders, self-harm behaviors, sexual compulsivity, eating disorders, and attachment disorders. Unresolved trauma can also increase the likelihood that an individual will experience additional traumatic events in their lifetime. Trauma can also impede an individual’s ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships with self and others.

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Trauma Therapy at Cottonwood

Many people who have experienced trauma try to overcome their past on their own by minimizing their experiences or denying their painful feelings of sadness, betrayal, shame, or anger. Trauma survivors are often plagued by nightmares, panic, anxiety, and physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, low energy, or sleep disturbances. This is because trauma impacts the body, specifically the central nervous system.

At Cottonwood, we specialize in the use of evidenced-based treatment methods that help trauma survivors heal from painful past events. We recognize that trauma recovery is not about forgetting the past, but about integration of past events into a compassionate understanding of the self. We offer treatment interventions to help reduce the physical and emotional distress of trauma while helping individuals learn to lead lives that are remarkable, healthy and authentic.

Some of our specialized trauma services include:

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