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Alcoholism Treatment

About Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is one of the most physiologically toxic of the substances of abuse. Even in the early stages of drinking, an alcoholic can suffer neurological, liver and other organ damage. Alcohol can also rob the brain of its natural ability to calm upset and anxiety. With each successive day of drinking, the alcoholic’s thinking becomes more disorganized and he or she is less able to manage the emotional stresses of life. When not drinking, the alcoholic suffers ever-increasing anxiety during the day and greater difficulty sleeping at night. This is where alcohol addiction treatment is essential.

Treating Alcoholism

At Cottonwood, admission into our alcoholism rehab involves a thorough medical evaluation, usually followed by medically managed detoxification. Treatment focuses on identifying often-subtle evidence of loss of control over alcohol, followed by counseling to help the alcoholic appreciate the scope and severity of the life problems that flowed out of their drinking and develop more adaptive ways of managing the uncomfortable feelings that tend to trigger urges to drink. Each patient in our alcoholism treatment program at Cottonwood also gets a comprehensive education on the ways in which their drinking has affected their brain functioning, and the basic tenets of 12-step recovery. Patients also attend daily on-campus and off-campus Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Addictions such as alcoholism often exist in tandem with co-occurring mood disorders like anxiety and depression, or with other addictions. Learn more about Cottonwood’s commitment to identifying co-occurring disorders in our alcohol addiction treatment program.

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