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Parents: Do You Know The Warning Signs Of “Huffing?”

“Deadly” household products… If you were asked to name a few “deadly” household products easily found in your home, what items would be on the top of your list? You might think of matches, butane lighters, bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, razors, or even candles. Would your list include: whipped cream dispensers, hairspray, felt-tip pens, cooking...
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Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much?

 Chemical structure of Caffeine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A cup of coffee, a soda or a piece of chocolate… How much caffeine do you consume each day? Do you even know? If you have health problems and you have been cautioned to avoid caffeine altogether or to limit your caffeine intake, then you are cognizant of...
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Linked: Bariatric Surgery And Alcohol Abuse

Services must accommodate obese people with specialist equipment such as much wider chairs. Bakewell J (2007). “Bariatric furniture: Considerations for use.”. Int J Ther Rehabil (7) : 329–33 . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Obesity is a problem in the United States. According to USA Today: “Obesity affects more than one-third of U.S. adults and almost...
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Alcoholics Prone to Cancer

It is no secret to most people that excessive drinking seriously impacts one’s health. Alcohol addiction starts people down a road that leads to a number of health problems; liver failure, pancreatitis, and “wet brain” are some of the most common. However, a new report has linked alcoholism to a number of forms of cancer....
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