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How Can I Be Safe When There Is Drinking and Drugs at Parties?

How Can I Be Safe When There Is Drinking and Drugs at Parties? People go to parties in order to have fun with their friends and meet new people. Unfortunately, parties have a tendency of getting out of control. There are dangerous, life-threatening risks that come from serious partying such as drinking too much, alcohol...
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Older Women Are Binge Drinking More

Alcohol use education and prevention is almost always geared towards teenagers and young adults, populations that are believed to be at the greatest risk of harm from using the pervasive substance. Young people tend to think that they are invincible, that they can handle situations that they likely cannot. While there is plenty of evidence...
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Drugs, Alcohol and Athletics

If you were to look back on memories of high school and college, you can probably remember where you fit into the social order. Maybe you were in the glee or debate club, perhaps you hung with the intellectuals or played team sports. Or maybe you were not interested in any of that, choosing to...
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Thanksgiving: Young Adults in Recovery

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, but for many the holiday begins at the close of business today. Many of us will be traveling through the night to be with our loved ones tomorrow afternoon for a good wholesome meal and to watch football on the television. If you are going to be on the road tonight...
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Alcohol Related Health Problems Later in Life

If you are the parent of a teenage son or daughter, there is a chance that you may be OK with him or her having a drink of alcohol from time to time. You may set down guidelines, such as only drinking at home, or only drinking in situations that there will not be any...
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Tattoo Reads Blood Alcohol Content

People consume alcohol for a number of reasons, some of which are not good. When asked why someone drinks, one of the more common responses is that they drink to be more convivial. After a long day or long week, drinking is a typical pastime engaged in around the world. While alcohol in small amounts,...
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College Parties Without Alcohol

Young adults who are actively working a program of recovery often find it difficult to take part in college partying. Being around drugs and alcohol is not conducive to keeping one’s program on track, as it has been known to lead to relapse. However, the college years are not about being a stick in the...
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A Family History of Alcohol Use Disorder

It is not uncommon for people with a family history of addiction for themselves to have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Addiction is often referred to as a family disease for two reasons. 1) A person’s addiction affects the entire family. 2) Young people with a family history of substance use disorder are more...
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Do You Have A Social Media Alcohol Identity?

While it is probably fair to say that practically every American adult uses a form of social media in their day to day, teenagers and young adults spend more time on sites like Twitter and Facebook than any other age group. Social media sites have become, arguably, the most common method of communication between young...
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Alcohol and Marijuana Use In College

The teenage years are typically a time for making new friends, stepping outside of one’s elementary school comfort zone. Trying to find out where you fit in the social hierarchy of life can be a real challenge, especially when you consider that at the same time one is changing both physically and mentally. When you...
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