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Cottonwood Tucson

How long will my stay be?

At Cottonwood, we value a patient’s medical, psychiatric, psychological, nutritional, and counseling needs are thoroughly assessed as part of the admissions process. These assessments serve as a guide for the development and implementation of a patient’s individualized treatment plan in our addiction rehab. Your multidisciplinary team will work with you throughout your stay to determine what your treatment timeline will be. As a general rule of thumb, our patients’ stay at Cottonwood is 6 weeks.

What are the living arrangements?

At Cottonwood, we believe in the power of the group and healing through mind, body and spirit. Each room is also equipped with a table for working and its own bathroom including one shower and two sinks.

How do I get to your campus?

We are located in the desert foothills of Tucson, AZ. We provide complimentary airport pickup from Tucson International Airport and will arrange for Diamond transportation to pick you up and return you to Cottonwood from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport for a $200 fee. If you are coming from a closer distance, you are welcome to have someone drive you to our campus. If you need directions or suggestions for the best method of reaching our campus, please feel free to contact us.

What will I do upon discharging from Cottonwood?

At Cottonwood’s behavioral health and addiction rehab, we consider ourselves a stepping stone to a life of health and well-being. We realize that recovery does not end when you leave our campus. Upon discharging from Cottonwood, each client will receive an extensive plan for continued care. This may include many different possibilities of extended care facilities, Intensive Outpatient Groups, 12-step meetings, continued therapy, continued psychiatric work and more.

Does Cottonwood have telephones for use?

The first seven days at Cottonwood is considered a black out period, where patients do not have access to their personal phones. Upon clinical approval after the first seven days, patients have access to our business center during allotted times where they can use their devices to answer pertinent emails and make phone calls to family.

Are there visitation hours?

Visitation hours are on Sunday.

When does treatment start?

Treatment starts the moment you pick up the phone and ask for help.

What can I do about my job in treatment?

Our team will work with you in helping coordinate all necessary paperwork is filed. Additionally you will have access to the business center to ensure necessary items are addressed in a timely manner. It is our goal for you to focus on your healing while you are with us and remove all barriers to do so.

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