Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression Treatment

The ‘winter blues’ are a well-known phenomenon. Most people chalk up the depression during the darker, colder months to a “phase” that will pass. And quite often winter depression does pass with the change of seasons. But, this doesn’t mean it should be simply ignored or endured. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD affects an estimated...
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Blue, Sad, or Depressed: What’s the Difference? Behavioral Health Treatment for Depression, Mood disorders, and Mood disorder treatment

Blue, Sad, or Depressed: What’s the Difference?

We all get a little blue or sad sometimes. But what’s the difference between those emotions and a mood disorder such as depression? The type of symptoms, their intensity, and duration, among other factors. Let’s take a closer look at feeling blue, sad, or depressed and when to seek professional help.  Am I Blue? Some...
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transcranial magnetic stimulation, brain, depression, doctor

Understanding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Depression is a mood disorder that affects people in various ways. Effective treatment should be highly individualized to not only investigate possible causes, but also encourage better management and healing. When someone suffers from treatment-resistant depression, a mental health professional might suggest transcranial magnetic stimulation for better results. Why Is Depression Sometimes Hard to Treat?...
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sad friends need help get better

Asking for Help Is Hard—Here’s How to Get Better at It

Whether it’s carrying groceries or talking about a serious subject, many of us avoid asking for help, and there are numerous reasons why. Yet science reinforces that we feel better in the long run not only because someone helps us, but also because we recognize the value of this support and how much better everyone—giver...
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laugh laughter laughing two girls walking friends

Have You Had a Good Laugh Today? Here’s Why It Matters

We’re all familiar with that famous slogan “laughter is the best medicine.” Have you ever wondered why? It’s kind of interesting how a giggle, chuckle, or full-on belly laugh can improve your state of emotional, mental, and physical health. Here’s what the science says, as well as some tips to add a few more chortles...
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pretty brunette woman using laptop for online depression therapy

Online Therapy for Depression

Depression & Its Impact According to the 2019 Arizona State Health Assessment, more than 20 percent of the state’s residents between the ages of 18–25 reported having a mental illness, but only about half of them received treatment. Of all adults over 26 in the state, 17 percent have mental illness issues, and only 12...
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attractive young man at office looking depressed - causes of depression

Understanding Causes of Depression

Everyone has periods of sadness or feeling blue. But not all people receive a diagnosis of depression. Understanding the causes of depression and the viable treatment options helps reduce the stigma of the disorder and enables individuals to live full, rich lives. What Is Depression? Before we look at any causes of depression, let’s first...
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Dr. Aaron Wilson, MD - Medical Director at Cottonwood Tucson - behavioral health treatment center in Arizona

Let’s Be Clear: Diagnosis Clarity Paves a Path that Leads to Hope

Effective treatment for mental health conditions requires a deep understanding of individuals and their experiences. For Aaron Wilson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Cottonwood Tucson, that understanding, above all else, must begin with a quest for diagnostic clarity. An inaccurate diagnosis can result in a cascade of issues to follow, such as treatment resistance that...
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white plate with yellow tape measure on it, set on table with fork and knife - depression and eating disorders

Understanding the Connection Between Depression and Eating Disorders

A Complex Connection There’s a complicated connection between depression and eating disorders. The primary reasons for the complexity are the multiple layers of depression, how to address co-occurring disorders such as grief or trauma, and getting to the source of both the depression as well as the eating disorder. Types of Depression According to WebMD,...
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trees in a field on stormy day - weather and recovery - seasons

Can the Seasons and Weather Affect Your Sobriety?

The Weather & Sobriety The saying goes, “As the seasons change, so do we,” and this proverb may have added meaning when it comes to addiction recovery. Although the determination to stay sober is your own, the changing of the seasons and weather can have an impact on your sobriety. As we in the United...
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