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Medically Managed Detoxification

At Cottonwood Tucson addiction rehab, recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction usually begins with medical detoxification. When a person has been using alcohol or other addictive substances (benzodiazepines, opiates,  heroin, oxycodone, etc.), they are likely to develop a physiological dependence. And if that person abruptly stops drinking or using they may, within hours of their last use, develop serious and life threatening withdrawal symptoms. No one should ever attempt to detoxify from alcohol or any other mood-altering substance without professional medical supervision.

The Comfortable Medical Detox Process

At our Tucson detox, medically managed detoxification consists of consultation with a medical provider, close nursing supervision, the regular monitoring of vital signs, and a medication protocol to manage the physical distress of withdrawal and guard against potentially injurious withdrawal symptoms.

Cottonwood Tucson has eight medical detox beds, each located near a nursing station with 24/7 staffing. Our team of clinicians, nurses, and credentialed addiction specialists provide a safe, comfortable detox environment. During their stay, clients also receive nutritional support and have access to holistic therapies such as yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation classes.

Many individuals also come to our medical detox and addiction rehab with chronic and complex health needs. In our fully staffed clinic, we provide medical management of these issues. Our on-site doctors and nursing staff provide necessary medical intervention, 24 hours a day.

Benefits of Addiction Detox Services at Cottonwood Tucson

Cottonwood’s fully staffed clinic is offered as part of our comprehensive residential rehab program. Detox plays several key roles in the early part of recovery, including:

  • Physical stabilization. The primary goal of detox is to break the physiological cycle of addiction by purging your body of harmful chemicals that build up during substance abuse. Clients should pay special attention to nutrition and hydration during this time, and the Cottonwood staff will assist with this.
  • Emotional & psychological preparation. Beyond physical discomfort, clients begin to experience mental and emotional upheaval during detox. Cottonwood’s therapists and staff are here to support you during this time, and we will walk with you as you prepare and motivate yourself for the next phase of your sobriety journey.

Stand-Alone Medical Detox Program

While we encourage clients to experience the benefits of our residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs after detox is complete, Cottonwood Tucson also offers medical detox as a stand-alone program option. Call (888) 727-0441 to inquire about this option.

Begin Your Medical Detox Services Today in Arizona

From your first phone call to the aftercare process, Cottonwood Tucson provides caring, compassionate support throughout your sobriety journey. Ask our admissions team about medical detox services for men or women, or submit a confidential online contact form. A member of our Tucson addiction treatment team will be in touch promptly.

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