Cottonwood Assessment Program (CAP)

Comprehensive Individual Evaluations

CAP is a five-day intensive inpatient addiction and/or mental health assessment program providing a comprehensive evaluation that will focus on the specific needs of the individual.

CAP is designed to meet the needs of the following:

  • Cases of complex differentiated diagnosis.
  • Individuals with addictions or mental health issues who are not progressing in therapy.
  • Individuals who, following an intervention, may be willing to come for a thorough evaluation, without the intention of committing to a full inpatient stay.
  • Individuals needing a powerful, yet gentle supportive process to break through denial of substance abuse, behavioral addictions and/or mental health issues.
  • Individuals wanting a second opinion to previous diagnosis.

The assessment team at our addiction rehab and behavioral health center is comprised of a multidisciplinary group including a medical director, psychologists, addictionologists, psychiatric nurses, and licensed specialists in the fields of chemical dependency, behavioral addictions, eating disorders, trauma, sexual issues, nutrition, fitness, grief and spirituality.

The Assessment Program Includes:

  • Pre-admissions screening to determine appropriateness.
  • Bio-psychosocial history and assessment
  • History & physical assessment, including labs
  • Chain of custody urine screen
  • Psychiatric evaluation, with secondary psychiatric consultation
  • Specialized neuropsychological workup, if indicated.
  • Chemical and behavioral compulsivity assessment
  • Trauma consultation
  • Grief and loss consultation
  • Spirituality consultation
  • Nutritional assessment, body composition analysis and mindful eating plan
  • Therapeutic fitness assessment

Additional CAP Features

To provide the most thorough and comprehensive evaluation, collateral information is obtained from significant individuals in the patient’s life.

The process also includes participation in educational presentations, psychoeducational groups, lectures including mindfulness and life skills, 12-step meetings, including Caduceus, Lawyer’s 12-Step and “Birds of a Feather” (professional pilot’s recovery) groups. If indicated, the individual may participate in Tai Chi, yoga and other Eastern approaches at our behavioral health and addiction rehab. Throughout the process, members of the team meet to discuss and integrate their findings, and to share treatment recommendations with the patient. A comprehensive report is the final component to the CAP process.

The fee for our 5-day CAP program will be discussed during the initial phone assessment. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive assessment program at (888) 727-0441.

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