Prescription Opioid Distributors Settle

When compiling a list of all the entities and groups of people who had a hand in the American opioid addiction epidemic, bring a lot of paper and ink. From pharmaceutical companies (manufacturing) to pharmacies (distributing), there is a lot going on in between. Doctors, prescribing nurses, emergency rooms would certainly have a place on...
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Low-Level Drug Offenders Still Face Prosecution

Anyone who has any experience with addiction, whether personal use or knowing someone who has struggled with the insidious disease, is likely aware that there is little someone with a substance use disorder wouldn’t do or say in order to maintain their habit. This is not the result of a lack of willpower, constitution or...
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Needle Exchange and Naloxone – Having All The Facts

When talking about addiction, things are said at times that are not rooted in reality, but rather fear. People will often let their emotions dictate whether they will support a particular policy or not, a trend which can have a ripple effect with dire outcomes. In the past, before the country realized the true scope...
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