Gambling Addiction

What are Process Addictions and How Are They Treated?

When most people think about addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is generally substance misuse. Drug and alcohol addiction, in other words. However, there is an entirely different category of addiction known as process addictions or behavioral addictions.  This Cottonwood Tuscon article explores process addictions, their potential impact on your well-being, and how...
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Gambling Activities

Gambling Activities Individuals with a gambling addiction engage in a number of different gambling activities.  These activities can include bingo, lottery, poker, slot machines, casino games, sports betting, or other online games.  Some consider the stock market or scratcher cards as gambling activities as well.  For the individual with a gambling addiction, there is typically...
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Five Myths About Problem Gambling

Five Myths About Problem Gambling 1. Problem gambling is really about not having enough money to gamble with. The truth is problem gambling has little to do with money, either having too much of it or not having enough to participate in gambling activities.  Money is the means in which to gamble but even those...
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Treatment for Gambling Addiction

Treatment for Gambling Addiction   Gambling addiction is a problem affecting over seven million Americans. The urge to gamble is so powerful that many gambling addicts will resort to illegal activity or immoral behavior to fuel the addiction. Gambling addiction is not about money or the lack of resources to fund gambling activities. There are...
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Is Gambling a Compulsivity Problem?

Gambling is a social activity for millions of people.  Many can go to a weekly poker game or to a casino and play $20 and leave regardless of winning or losing.  If a person plays with any consistency, there is the chance that the person will cross over into compulsive gambling.  Currently, there are an...
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How to Overcome Gambling Addiction

Compulsive gambling is no less an addiction than drug or alcohol abuse. Problem gamblers might not experience the same physical withdrawal symptoms that plague drug addicts or alcoholics when they attempt to stop their habits. However, they will experience some. Many who struggle with gambling addiction struggle with a co-occurring disorder of substance abuse, which...
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Will Virtual Reality Be an Answer for Gambling Addiction?

Therapy and treatment is taking a new turn for compulsive and behavioral disorders like gambling addiction. Virtual reality is promising a world of possibilities for psychotherapeutic treatments. So far, the results are promising. For example, some research studies have found great success in using virtual reality to treat PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, in veterans....
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With Gambling Addiction, The Favor Is Always In The House

Winning is supposed to be a climatic event of closure. Winning is the ultimate experience, validating the need to win, compensating for other losses, and providing the hope as well as assurance that everyone can, indeed, be a winner. What happens when winning isn’t conclusive, but instead the revving of an engine, the catalyst which...
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Gambling Addiction: Medical Facts And More

New on-line legal poker site advertised on television If you’re like most people, then perhaps you turn on your television before going to work in the morning or after dinner, maybe to catch the news or watch a favorite show. Sometimes we consider our time spent enjoying television as down time…a time to unwind and...
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Look For The “Silver Linings Playbook” ~ It Might Shine For You

Look For The Silver Lining Look for the silver lining When e’er a cloud appears in the blue. Remember some where the sun is shining, And so the right thing to do, Is make it shine for you. A heart, full of joy and gladness, Will always banish sadness and strife. So always look for...
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