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David Carr: He Reported On His Addiction And His Recovery

“The stories that we tell about ourselves are designed to sort of reveal a part of ourselves to the world. It’s the part we want to show. What I learned from two years of reporting, investigation and writing is that you can’t know the whole truth. But if there is one, it lies in the...
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Brooke Shields: A Little Girl All Grown Up Who Doesn’t Want To Be A Victim

 Brooke Shields at Naval Air Station, Pensacola in 1986. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There was a little girl, Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, She was very good indeed, But when she was bad she was horrid.  ……….Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Brooke Shields was the little girl…...
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Cottonwood Tucson Announces The 2015 InnerPath Workshops Schedule

Cottonwood’s Sonoran Desert landscape is a living workshop! “…a workshop is where you do actually get feedback on your work, not just something where you go and sit for a day.”  Octavia E. Butler – American Writer  Workshop is a very positive word. If you think about your home environment, you might have a workshop...
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#14Days On The Wagon…You In?

Are you participating in #14Days on the Wagon? CBS News‘ #14Days project actually started on Monday, October 6, 2014. So today is #day5. Have you heard about this project? We came across it last evening and it started us thinking about #14days and what it can mean to the average person. For the record, #14days...
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Shared Experiences: Adult Children of Alcoholics

“Everyone has their own version of everything that has ever happened.” Essie Masters, William Master’s mother What we can learn from historical period dramas… If you enjoy watching American period dramas, particularly those that are based on historical events and true-life characters, then you have had a lot to choose from these past couple of...
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The Addict’s Mom: Help Healing The Broken Spirits

How does the mother of an addict cope? Are you startled by that question? Don’t be. Mothers of addicts ask themselves every day…”How will I cope with this?” You are not sure who to talk to, who you can trust, who you should trust…admitting to anyone that your child suffers from the disease of addiction...
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Pat O’Brien Pens A Memoir And Reminds His Son: “This Is Who Your Daddy Is…”

Hearing a voice from your past… It’s interesting how you can be awakened by the sound of a certain voice. It might be that of your spouse, your partner, your child, maybe your parent or roommate…or even that of a television personality. Our associate shared that yesterday she awoke to a familiar voice that brought...
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Will You Take The Shatterproof Challenge?

The Westin Convention Center – Pittsburgh Could anything convince you to rappel down the side of a 27-story building? If you are not familiar with the word rappel, then you might want to look up the definition before you answer today’s question. The verb rappel means to descent by means of a rappel. As a...
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“21” ~ Patrick Roche’s Poetic Look In His Rear View Mirror

Meet Patrick Roche… There is a pretty good chance you don’t know Patrick Roche. But you should know that he is preparing to graduate this month of May from Princeton University and he has 27,470 Likes on his Facebook (FB) page, Patrick Roche Poetry.  Oh, yes, and Patrick is a poet. We invite you to...
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Can You Make Sense Of Addiction? Oprah Has A Conversation With Russell Brand

Can you make sense of addiction? If you suffer from the disease of addiction or your loved one does, then there is a good chance you have tried to make sense of this disease. As William Duncan Silkworth, M.D. said: To be sure, alcoholism, like every other disease, does manifest itself in some unique ways....
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