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The Broad Category of Addictions

The Broad Category of Addictions   An addiction is a broad term used to describe a pattern of compulsive behaviors related to any activity—using drugs, drinking, gambling, sex, shopping, work, investing, gaming, Internet use, exercise, or even other people. Drinking and using drugs involves the ingestion of a substance; however, there are numerous addictions that...
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Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Sex addiction has nothing to do with sex.  As with any addiction, it is a way to relieve feelings associated with depression, loneliness, and a sense of emptiness.  Many sex addicts live with guilt and shame; the same as an alcoholic or drug addict.  Sex addiction can include any number of behaviors including...
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Is Internet Addiction for Real?

Internet addiction is characterized by a compulsive desire to participate in online activities, whether through social networks, gambling or gaming, shopping, or watching video. Although internet addiction has not yet been included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, psychologists and counselors are increasingly of the opinion that it is as real an...
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Will Virtual Reality Be an Answer for Gambling Addiction?

Therapy and treatment is taking a new turn for compulsive and behavioral disorders like gambling addiction. Virtual reality is promising a world of possibilities for psychotherapeutic treatments. So far, the results are promising. For example, some research studies have found great success in using virtual reality to treat PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, in veterans....
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