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Is It Harder for the Wealthy to Overcome Substance Use Disorders?

Substance Use Disorders and Wealth  Mental health and substance use disorders impact people with wealth just as much as anyone else. Many people imagine that people who have the benefit of generational wealth or a trust don’t have a care in the world, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it can...
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Using Art Therapy for Better Mental and Emotional Well-Being

In all cultures, in every aspect of life, there is art. From graffiti on a railroad car and musical street buskers to legendary novels and prestigious galleries of ancient artifacts, human beings express themselves in myriad creative ways. Often, creating art is exactly what we need to do to feel emotionally fulfilled and mentally clear....
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Returning to Rehab: It’s Not What You’ve Lost, It’s What You’ll Gain

So, it happened—you’ve relapsed. Maybe you’re immersed in confusion, uncertainty, and pain, and that’s totally understandable. In some ways, it’s easy to think you’ve failed, but it’s vital to your well-being to push that thought away. Here are the reasons why returning to rehab will not only help you move forward, but also reinforce a...
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How Is Outpatient Treatment Effective?

Sometimes, long-term inpatient rehabilitation services are necessary for addressing certain mental and emotional health issues, addiction, or PTSD. In other instances, an individual might not require such extensive care, or be unable to commit to a lengthened stay because of family or work responsibilities. That’s why it’s good to understand how outpatient treatment might help....
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Visiting a Rehab Facility

We believe the Cottonwood Tucson website is incredibly comprehensive—a deliberate intention to anticipate and answer any question about essential services, education, and resources. Still, it doesn’t quite match the experience of an in-person tour and a chance to interact with staff members. There are numerous benefits to visiting a rehab facility—we outline a few. Why...
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Whole Person Assessments for In-Depth Care: Interview With Tab Hoyt

For many people to experience lasting recovery and renewed wellness, it’s not enough for an organization to simply address the symptoms of an apparent condition. When the professionals at Cottonwood Tucson talk about using whole-health principles, this approach is far more comprehensive than most people ever experience, and it leads to greater success. About Tab...
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What Is SMART Recovery?

A primary aspect of a continuum of care plan involves techniques that enable you to not only maintain sobriety, but also uncover your best self. This isn’t simply social media affirmation. Through exposure to positive influences and new ways of thinking, you’re more likely to evolve—not because you were “bad” and need to be “good,”...
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Yoga for Recovery: Interview with Emily Mattimoe

Emily Mattimoe, MS, CTRS, is the coordinator of recreation therapy services at Cottonwood Tucson. She explores how leisure and recreational activities can be coping mechanisms for sobriety and how these methods help add joy to the recovery process. Yoga is a vital component of the holistic recreational approach at Cottonwood Tucson. “Treatment isn’t just about...
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What Is Experiential Therapy?

What Is Experiential Therapy?   Experiential therapy is a unique form of therapy that uses many different approaches to re-enact emotional situations from past and present relationships. These approaches can include role-playing, guided imagery, animal care, music, or arts and crafts. The individual focuses on the activity and by engaging in the experience of the...
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The Importance of Integrated Treatment in Substance Abuse

The Importance of Integrated Treatment in Substance Abuse   The mind, body, and spirit are found in all human beings. We think and feel with our minds, experience pleasure and pain within our bodies, and feel spiritually connected to a higher power. Substance abuse treatment should also encompass the whole person and incorporate the mind,...
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