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Psychologist and patient sitting on sofa indoors - holistic addiction treatment

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

As America has struggled with addiction over the past several decades, addiction treatment has been undergoing an evolution of sorts. The term holistic may seem a bit overused these days, but holistic addiction treatment is more than just a buzzword.  In this article, Cottonwood Tucson Explores what makes holistic addiction treatment different from traditional treatment...
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Everyone Tells Me to Meditate, But Why?

As you learn about new techniques for managing mental health and emotional issues, meditation might be one mentioned most frequently. But what purpose does it serve, and can it really help you? Let’s look at the science behind it and how it enhances well-being. Yes, Researchers Study Meditation Kind of surprising, isn’t it? Meditation, long...
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Holistic Treatments to Help Recovery

When medical professionals talk about mind-body wellness, what does this actually mean? It’s an acknowledgment of the connection between all aspects of self: our physical well-being, our mental and emotional health, and even our spiritual center, or soulful intent. Whole-Person Wellness Without question, medical applications are necessary for progressive health. After all, if you break...
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woman doing yoga pose

Yoga for Recovery: Interview with Emily Mattimoe

Emily Mattimoe, MS, CTRS, is the coordinator of recreation therapy services at Cottonwood Tucson. She explores how leisure and recreational activities can be coping mechanisms for sobriety and how these methods help add joy to the recovery process. Yoga is a vital component of the holistic recreational approach at Cottonwood Tucson. “Treatment isn’t just about...
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How Yoga Helps Anxiety

How Yoga Helps Anxiety Yoga is one of the most relaxing, mindfulness exercises that a person can do to treat their anxiety. According to a study from the University of Adelaide, ten yoga sessions led to lower stress and a better quality of life. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study says twelve yoga...
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woman doing yoga outdoors

What Is Holistic Health?

What Is Holistic Health?   Holistic health is a term used to describe a whole person in terms of caring for the mind, body, and spirit.  If you have visited a physician lately, you might have noticed that the doctor or nurse practitioner asks about symptoms and overall general physical health.  You might be given...
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