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What Researchers Tell Us About Alcoholics Anonymous

What Researchers Tell Us About Alcoholics Anonymous There exists a number of researchers who consistently attempt to find solid evidence of the treatment efficacy of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. AA has been in existence for many years and millions of individuals have benefited from attending AA meetings. Still, researchers wish to know more about how...
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Medical Marijuana With Addiction Recovery?

The majority of addiction recovery modalities utilized around that world advocate for complete abstinence. Simply put, no matter what substance you became addicted to, it is best that you refrain from the use of any mind-altering substance. Not only do people who meet the criteria for addiction have a propensity to become dependent on another...
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National Recovery Month Celebrates 25 Years

Join the voices, speak up, reach out…   Do you have family members or friends in recovery? How about long term recovery? When people first get sober, taking it “one day at a time,” receiving that first 24 hour AA chip and then a 30 day AA chip can feel like it takes forever. Considering...
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Pat O’Brien Pens A Memoir And Reminds His Son: “This Is Who Your Daddy Is…”

Hearing a voice from your past… It’s interesting how you can be awakened by the sound of a certain voice. It might be that of your spouse, your partner, your child, maybe your parent or roommate…or even that of a television personality. Our associate shared that yesterday she awoke to a familiar voice that brought...
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Cinema: A Machine That Generates Empathy

Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert in 1970, donated by Roger Ebert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) “I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.” Roger Ebert Empathy vs. sympathy Do you remember how old you were when you came to understand that there is a difference between empathy and sympathy? offers an illustrative explanation:...
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