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Do you have family members or friends in recovery? How about long term recovery? When people first get sober, taking it “one day at a time,” receiving that first 24 hour AA chip and then a 30 day AA chip can feel like it takes forever. Considering long term recovery seems an impossible dream.

But long term recovery is not only possible it does happen; and according to some statistics currently there are 23 million Americans in long term recovery. 

And this month marks the 25th Birthday/Anniversary for National Recovery Month. Dare to imagine…25 years!

A bit more about National Recovery Month

Every year we speak up about National Recovery Month. It is our way of trying to reach out to those in recovery, seeking recovery and their family members and friends…sharing the support that can be found year round, but most particularly focused on each year in September. As the National Recovery Month website shares:

Celebrated during the month of September, Recovery Month began in 1989 as TreatmentWorks! Month, which honored the work of the treatment and recovery professionals in the field. The observance evolved to National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month) in 1998, when the observance expanded to include celebrating the accomplishment of individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. The observance evolved once again in 2011 to National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) to include all aspects of behavioral health.


How can you participate in the celebration?

Actually participation is pretty simple.

  • You can visit the National Recovery Month website and search for an event in your area.
  • You can check out your local newspaper, both the hard copy and the online copy — search “National Recovery Month” or “Recovery Month.”
  • Google the phrase “Recovery Month” on Google News and you will find no less than 127,000 search engine results.
  • Or, enter your zip code below to find an event in your area.


Here is one of our favorite National Recovery Month events…

Now in its 11th year the Art of Recovery Expo will take place in Phoenix, Arizona on September 20, 2014.This all day event 10:00AM – 5:00PM happens at the Phoenix Convention Center, Hall G, South Building, near Jefferson and 3rd Street. The event is open to the public and it is FREE!

This year’s keynote speaker is Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006. She has a remarkable story which she shares to help others realize that recovery is possible.

Spending a day at the Art of Recovery Expo is a great way to celebrate your recovery…or to take the first step to begin your recovery.

Recovery…a journey worth taking.

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