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Social Skills Training

Social Skills Training Addicts can often have a difficult time relating to others in social situations. This stems from behavior that was centered around the addiction. Much of an addict’s time is spent drinking, using drugs, gambling, or other behavior. Once in recovery, the addict will eventually need to relearn how to interact with others....
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Cottonwood Tucson Honors Employees ~ The 2015 Hildreth Award And Stone Award Presented

Cottonwood Tucson Campus “When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get more creative in solving problems.” –Stephen Covey Cottonwood Tucson’s Annual Hildreth and Stone Awards presented On Friday, December 11, 2015, Cottonwood Tucson’s staff gathered to honor two of their fellow...
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Including Mindfulness In Social And Emotional Learning

Weather (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Parenting through the winter break… National news stories for the past month have featured the winter snow storms (blizzards) that just keep coming. The northeast in particular has been impacted, but the Midwest has had record storms and low temperatures and now even the southeast is in the midst of some...
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Cinema: A Machine That Generates Empathy

Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert in 1970, donated by Roger Ebert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) “I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.” Roger Ebert Empathy vs. sympathy Do you remember how old you were when you came to understand that there is a difference between empathy and sympathy? offers an illustrative explanation:...
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Bullying “Mean Girls” Style From Kindergarten Through High School…Watch Out For “Yik Yak”

It seems bullying is starting in kindergarten… Just this past week an ABC News headline caught our attention – ‘Mean Girls’-Style Bullying Happening in Kindergarten. Since we were working on a bullying series we decided to check it out. After watching the news video and perusing the transcript, we realized that it would be helpful...
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Remembering Ned Vizzini ~ He Gave Others Hope

Ned Vizzini ~ April 4, 1981 – December 19, 2013 If you’ve enjoyed reading young adult (YA) books or if you work in the field of behavioral health, then there is a good chance you know of Ned Vizzini and his books that deal with depression, bullying, and making connections in the real world. For...
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Copper Cactus Awards: Cottonwood Tucson Selected As “Best Place To Work” Finalist

Cottonwood Tucson selected as ‘Best Place To Work’ finalist Last week the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce notified us that Cottonwood Tucson has been selected as a finalist, specifically in the award category “Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Best Place to Work,” in the annual Tucson Metro Chamber Copper Cactus Awards. Brian Welch, Cottonwood Tucson’s...
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AAFP and NIDA’s Addiction Performance Project: “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”

This the Radio City Music Hall in New York, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Did you watch the TONY Awards on Sunday, June 9, 2013? This past Sunday the TONY Awards was held at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. According to the Nielsen Ratings 7.2 million people tuned in...
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PARENTHOOD: Learning About Asperger’s Syndrome

Serendipity and television  How much television do you watch? Of course, in today’s world television viewing has evolved to include a 24 hour broadcasting menu with hundreds of channels and in excess of 50 nationwide broadcasting networks delivered to most households via cable subscription offering DVR (digital video recorder) programming and OnDemand viewing.  All of...
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Maybe They Just “Don’t Get It!” Study Suggests Alcohohlic Men Struggle Processing Humor, Irony and Empathy

If we think back to our childhood we might remember watching a television show with our family and noticed that our parents would laugh or maybe even tear-up at a particular scene. At the time we might have sensed they understood something we just “didn’t get.” We didn’t get the humor or the irony of...
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