How Yoga Helps Anxiety

How Yoga Helps Anxiety

Yoga is one of the most relaxing, mindfulness exercises that a person can do to treat their anxiety. According to a study from the University of Adelaide, ten yoga sessions led to lower stress and a better quality of life. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study says twelve yoga sessions can help with anxiety and put you in a better mood. Yoga can offer someone with anxiety with a lot of benefits that will put them at peace physically and mentally.

When we get nervous, our bodies tend to go stiff, and we feel the tension in our necks, shoulders, jaws, and other places when we are stressed. When our muscles are tense, our minds feel the same way. By doing various yoga poses, we are able to lower the physical tension we feel in our body. Also when we are nervous and have a panic attack, we take rapid breaths, take big gulps as we breathe or even feel light-headed. When we take a deep breath and take our time breathing, we are relaxing our nervous system, bringing our bodies back into reality. Deep breathing will make us more aware of where we are with our body and can use our slow breath through any challenging yoga pose. We will also be in a better mood doing yoga as we will unleash endorphins, which give us a temporary happy feeling.

Yoga can also help us let go of any of our worries and to just focus on how our body is doing and our breathing. Doing yoga for twenty to thirty minutes a day shows that we care about the wellbeing of our body if we are willing to take the time from our busy schedule to give it care. In yoga, we can expect not every yoga pose to feel comfortable and accept that discomfort. Trying these poses despite the difficulty will make you feel more confidence and strong knowing that you can take a challenge and try your best. Yoga can also help people develop a sense of community as a bunch of people are getting together trying to do the same poses. You will no longer feel alone and you can make new friends during a yoga class. Yoga is a technique you can use anytime you are in a stressful situation and what you learn in yoga classes will never leave you.

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