Mean Girls

INSTAGRAM: Fast, Beautiful, Fun And Maybe A Touch Of Mean

English: A collage showing a photograph, along with the same photograph processed through all 15 filters in the iOS app Instagram (as of the date of creation in April 2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Let’s do a quick inventory of our cameras, scrapbooks, and photo albums… Your age might determine how many cameras, scrapbooks and photo...
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Bullying “Mean Girls” Style From Kindergarten Through High School…Watch Out For “Yik Yak”

It seems bullying is starting in kindergarten… Just this past week an ABC News headline caught our attention – ‘Mean Girls’-Style Bullying Happening in Kindergarten. Since we were working on a bullying series we decided to check it out. After watching the news video and perusing the transcript, we realized that it would be helpful...
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