College Parties Without Alcohol

Young adults who are actively working a program of recovery often find it difficult to take part in college partying. Being around drugs and alcohol is not conducive to keeping one’s program on track, as it has been known to lead to relapse. However, the college years are not about being a stick in the...
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Drunkorexia: A Concerning Binge Drinking Trend

College drinking is a topic we discuss fairly regularly. The reason for that is the fact that how people drink alcohol in college can have a significant impact on the course of one’s life. Nevertheless, many young adults fail to understand that alcohol can send you on a journey, one that can take years from...
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Do You Have A Social Media Alcohol Identity?

While it is probably fair to say that practically every American adult uses a form of social media in their day to day, teenagers and young adults spend more time on sites like Twitter and Facebook than any other age group. Social media sites have become, arguably, the most common method of communication between young...
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Alcohol and Marijuana Use In College

The teenage years are typically a time for making new friends, stepping outside of one’s elementary school comfort zone. Trying to find out where you fit in the social hierarchy of life can be a real challenge, especially when you consider that at the same time one is changing both physically and mentally. When you...
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