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To Share or Not to Share

To Share or Not to Share Beginning a path to recovery may involve attending 12-step meetings.  When you first attend a meeting, you encounter many people who are unknown to you.  There could be many people in attendance or there could be just a few.  You may feel alone and not know what to do. ...
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Why Is Group Therapy So Common In Treatment?

Healthy communication, relationship building, and learning about feedback are some of the reasons group therapy is so important during treatment. Each group therapy session will be a little bit different from one another. Group therapy sessions can be focused on a particular type of therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy. Counselors and...
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Recovery Support for Musicians

People who make a living in the music industry are no strangers to drugs and alcohol. One could even argue that mind-altering substances go hand-in-hand with being in a band. Playing concerts in different cities around the world can put a lot of stress on individuals, not to mention the anxiety that often arises from...
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The “Dark Side” of Bipolar Disorder

“I haven’t lost my mind, it lost me.” The sobering words of late sci-fi fantasy icon Carrie Fisher, better known around the world as Princess Leia, are chilling to say the least. While Fisher is best known for her cinnamon bun hairdos and brandishing laser blasters, she was also an advocate for mental health and...
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A Plan for Recovery this Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and hopefully the stress of shopping and traveling has come to an end. Now, you are probably thinking you can breathe a sigh of relief, relaxing for the remainder of the holiday. But if you are working a program of recovery, that might not be the best course of action. Surely,...
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Thanksgiving: Young Adults in Recovery

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, but for many the holiday begins at the close of business today. Many of us will be traveling through the night to be with our loved ones tomorrow afternoon for a good wholesome meal and to watch football on the television. If you are going to be on the road tonight...
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Sober Living in Sunny Arizona

Recovery is about new beginnings, where one begins a new journey in life—shedding the dark shell of addiction. For some addicts and alcoholics who have found it difficult to achieve sobriety and/or clean time in their hometown, the logical choice is to start over in a new city or state. Thus removing any possibility of...
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