How Can I Be Safe When There Is Drinking and Drugs at Parties?

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How Can I Be Safe When There is Drinking and Drugs at Parties?

How Can I Be Safe When There Is Drinking and Drugs at Parties?

People go to parties in order to have fun with their friends and meet new people. Unfortunately, parties have a tendency of getting out of control. There are dangerous, life-threatening risks that come from serious partying such as drinking too much, alcohol poisoning, drug overdoses, sexual assault, drink spiking, and being arrested for those actions. It is important to follow these steps to ensure your whole life does not end based on one night of fun.

When you go to a party, make sure to go with responsible friends who make sure that you are safe. There should be a designated driver who will not be drinking at the party to ensure you get a ride home. If that friend ends up drinking, there should be a backup person that becomes the designated driver. Just in case all of your friends end up in no position to drive, maybe sure that you keep cash in your pocket in case you have to take the bus or call a taxi. Make sure to keep your friends safe as well from drinking too much. If any of them overdoses, call the police as you friend’s life is important than getting worried about the consequences of being found out of taking substances.

If you feel the need to drink at a party, it is important to eat before and while you drink as well as drinking water or soft drinks in between for the body to take longer to absorb the alcohol. Avoid drinking games as drinking too much will lead to becoming unconscious or sometimes death. Make sure to drink from a brand new bottle that you open up in case the drink in the giant bowl is spiked with drugs. It is the same when it comes to accepting a drink from a stranger in case there are drugs that make you blackout and not remember anything the next day, making you an easy target for sexual assault. The minute you start to feel drunk or tipsy, it is best to switch to soft drinks.

Be careful about what you post online from the party. If the pictures show you and your friends getting wasted or taking illegal drugs, it can be used as evidence for the police. Always be careful when you are at parties and remember that you do not need drinking or drugs to have a good time.

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