Preventing Alcohol-Related Deaths

Dangers of Alcohol Use Alcohol is a substance that is responsible every year for far more deaths than any other substance. And, yet it remains legal for adult consumption. However, it doesn’t do much good to argue for prohibition, history shows that outright bans on any substance does more harm than good. Mitigating the harmful...
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Preventing Teenage Alcohol Use

A significant number of parents accept that sooner or later their teenage child/children will consume alcohol. Some even contend that occasional alcohol use is just a part of growing up, saying to themselves, “we drank alcohol in high school and turned out OK.” Alcohol use, just like practically every other mind altering substance, can lead...
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Protective Strategies for Safe Drinking May Backfire

Many college students engage in drinking alcohol, and in many ways consuming alcohol is a big part of college life. College campuses around the country make alcohol a top priority, discouraging the practice of binge drinking and driving under the influence. While such campaigns may make an impression on students, causing students to be proactive...
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United States: Alcohol-Attributable Deaths Reach 88,000 Per Year For Working-Age Adults

English: Logo of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency within the United States Department of Health and Human Services. White on blue background with white rays but no white “burst”. No detailed wording. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) How to prevent AAD and YPLL – the CDC wants to know! This section heading looks...
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Alcohol Infused News Part 1

Sometimes news headlines seem to collide…Part 1 This week it seems news items about alcohol use are or should be juxtaposed. Simply put, there are four items we are sharing with you this week, two today and two tomorrow. Each could provide an impetus to start a conversation about how we view alcohol use and...
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CDC Vital Signs: Medical Professionals Need To Screen And Counsel Patients About Alcohol Use

Does your medical professional routinely screen you for alcohol use? Think about this question before you rush to answer it. If you’ve been a patient of the same primary care medical team for a number of years, then there is a good chance that the last time you were asked about your use of alcohol...
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Mixing Energy Drinks And Alcohol Is A Dangerous Cocktail: You Might Find Yourself “Wide Awake Drunk”

English: collection of many energy drinks (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Do you drink energy drinks? It is a simple question. Many people really enjoy energy drinks; there are those who do not like the taste of coffee so they get their caffeine boost with either caffeinated sodas or energy drinks. We often think of energy drinks...
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Attention Parents: ‘Smoking’ Alcohol Is Dangerous And Addictive

Have you heard about “smoking alcohol?” We are not talking about smoking & alcohol! Be sure and read today’s question very carefully: we did not ask if you have heard about “smoking and alcohol.”  We asked if you’ve heard about “smoking alcohol,” not drinking alcohol but “smoking alcohol.” If you’re the parent of a teenager(s)...
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NTSB Recommends Lowering The BAC Limit To 0.05

English: A sobriety checkpoint in East Haven, CT. Also known as DWI Enforcement (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Approaching a sobriety checkpoint… Have you ever been returning from dinner with friends or maybe a special event like a live theater production and happened upon a sobriety checkpoint? It can be somewhat startling even if you haven’t had...
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Study: Alcoholic Drinks Mixed With Diet Soda Increases Potentcy

Baby-boomers and soda There is a good chance that most baby-boomers will recall their childhood and teenage years and remember that soda pop used to be a treat. Most parents regarded having cola in the house as a luxury. If you went out for dinner ordering a soda was considered special and there was no...
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