Preventing Alcohol-Related Deaths

Dangers of Alcohol Use Alcohol is a substance that is responsible every year for far more deaths than any other substance. And, yet it remains legal for adult consumption. However, it doesn’t do much good to argue for prohibition, history shows that outright bans on any substance does more harm than good. Mitigating the harmful...
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“Reflections from Inside” – PSA On Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Every adult knows the risk they take when they get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. The best case scenario is dodging a bullet and making it home in one piece. After that it gets severely worse, with a DUI that is often accompanied by heavy fines and jail time. For...
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Marijuana Driving Dangers

As more and more states across the country adopt medical marijuana programs we have to wonder what the impact of more people using marijuana than ever will have on communities. Naturally, as more people take marijuana on a daily basis the more likely they are to drive under the influence of the drug. A new...
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