Attention Parents: ‘Smoking’ Alcohol Is Dangerous And Addictive

Have you heard about “smoking alcohol?”

We are not talking about smoking & alcohol!

Be sure and read today’s question very carefully: we did not ask if you have heard about “smoking and alcohol.”  We asked if you’ve heard about “smoking alcohol,” not drinking alcohol but “smoking alcohol.”

If you’re the parent of a teenager(s) and/or college-aged student(s), there is a pretty good chance that they are familiar with the latest and very dangerous viral trend “smoking alcohol.”

What parents should discuss with their children about ‘smoking’ alcohol…

Summer officially started last Friday and for many teenagers and college students summer is a time to secure a summer job, hang out with friends, do some volunteer work…maybe even take a trip. Of course, just because it is summer time does not mean that parents are at home supervising their children 24 hours around the clock. Here are some points to consider when discussing with your children the dangers of ‘smoking’ alcohol:

  • Smoking alcohol vapors gives one an instant high
  • The pure alcohol is not being processed first by your stomach and liver, but is absorbed in your lungs and goes immediately to your brain
  • Smoking alcohol does not help you lose weight
  • You cannot hide drunkenness from parents and/or police
  • According to legal experts, consuming alcohol in any fashion is illegal under the age of 21

NBC Today Show’s Matt Lauer and investigative reporter Jeff Rossen discuss ‘smoking’ alcohol

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can see it here.

Closing thoughts…

We often write about parenting and how raising children is a process that requires constant diligence. So we should all heed the doctors’ warnings as reported by Jeff Rossen: ‘smoking’ alcohol is “incredibly dangerous and extremely addictive.”

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