Preventing Alcohol-Related Deaths

Dangers of Alcohol Use Alcohol is a substance that is responsible every year for far more deaths than any other substance. And, yet it remains legal for adult consumption. However, it doesn’t do much good to argue for prohibition, history shows that outright bans on any substance does more harm than good. Mitigating the harmful...
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“Reflections from Inside” – PSA On Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Every adult knows the risk they take when they get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. The best case scenario is dodging a bullet and making it home in one piece. After that it gets severely worse, with a DUI that is often accompanied by heavy fines and jail time. For...
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24/7 Sobriety Program Saved Lives

Alcohol Despite being legal for adult consumption, the use of alcohol contributes to thousands of deaths every year. Excessive alcohol use is known to cause a number of serious health conditions that can be fatal, and those who drive while under the influence put their lives and the lives of countless others at risk. In...
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Driving Under the Influence Declines Among Teens and Young Adults

Many addicts and alcoholics are first introduced to 12-step recovery after experiencing a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest. Judges will often order those convicted of DUIs to attend 12-Step meetings and/or attend an outpatient substance use disorder treatment facility for therapy groups. Getting arrested for a DUI does not necessarily mean that a person...
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Holiday parties, celebrations, driving under the influence… If you’ve checked in with friends and family over the past few days, then you may have realized how many people are prepping for a holiday “get together.” It could be you’ve noticed Facebook friends chatting about attending holiday celebrations, including everything from their children’s school holiday program...
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Consider A DWI Conviction A Red Flag Alert

Sometimes when you attend a business meeting you find yourself overhearing small talk before the meeting actually starts. Remembering one such conversation that went something like this: Young business professional: “Not sure what I am going to do, I got stopped and ticketed for driving under the influence last night.” Older business professional: “Don’t you...
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Alcohol Ignition Blood Test

Everyday, people make the choice to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking and in many cases they make it home or to their next destination. Unfortunately, we all know that drunk drivers get into accidents all the time, taking their life and potentially the lives of others. Drunk driving isn’t a joke,...
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