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The Addicted Family

The Addicted Family   Most of us belong to a group of people referred to as our family.  We may define the participants of this family in different ways but the term family represents those that are closest to us emotionally and spiritually.  An addict’s family is no different than a non-addict’s family.  Each has...
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Relationship Conflicts

Relationship Conflicts   Relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives.  We have relationships with spouses, significant others, co-workers, bosses, relatives, and of course our friends.  Relationships allow us the opportunity to feel connected to others and to share our hopes, dreams, and goals as well as our fears and uncertainties.  We...
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How To Approach a Loved One About Going To Treatment For Mental Health

Using “I” statements is important for healthy communication when approaching a loved one about going to treatment for mental health. Avoiding statements which use “you” is helpful in avoiding any misinterpretations of accusations and blame, which typically lead to defensiveness and denial. Instead of you need help try I am worried about your wellbeing. During...
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