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The Addicted Family

The Addicted Family   Most of us belong to a group of people referred to as our family.  We may define the participants of this family in different ways but the term family represents those that are closest to us emotionally and spiritually.  An addict’s family is no different than a non-addict’s family.  Each has...
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How Does Family History and Assessment Contribute To Individual Therapy?

How Does Family History and Assessment Contribute To Individual Therapy? At the beginning of most individual therapy sessions, the therapist will conduct an assessment and obtain information regarding family history.  The assessment is used to gather as much information about you as possible to help you.  The therapist wants to know some basic information about...
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Alcoholism and the Family

Alcoholism and the Family Alcoholism is a family problem.  In today’s world, the definition of a family can have different meanings.  There are blended families, single parent families, and grandparents who are raising children.  Even with these family structures, the alcoholic will influence every person associated with the alcoholic.  It is believed that for one...
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Why Are Boundaries Important When Supporting a Loved One In Recovery From Addiction?

As a loved one supporting someone with addiction through their recovery, you are going to hear about boundaries a lot. You might be wondering why boundaries are so important. Boundaries help you as well as your loved one establish emotional independence while creating respect and balance in relationships. Boundaries draw the line between you and...
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