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Should You Be Worried About Triggers?

Should You Be Worried About Triggers?   Have you ever heard the saying, if you do not want to slip, do not go where it is slippery? This saying can mean a number of things to different people. Often someone might say this about not wanting to cheat on a diet but wanting to go...
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Relationship Conflicts

Relationship Conflicts   Relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives.  We have relationships with spouses, significant others, co-workers, bosses, relatives, and of course our friends.  Relationships allow us the opportunity to feel connected to others and to share our hopes, dreams, and goals as well as our fears and uncertainties.  We...
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Is It Normal to Experience Anxiety and Depression in Early Recovery?

Anxiety and depression are normal during early recovery.  The main reason for this is a person is learning new ways to cope and live without drugs or alcohol.  During the addiction, getting the drug, finding money to buy the drug, and being with others who use drugs or alcohol are the reason for living.  All...
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