Cottonwood Tucson Announces The 2015 InnerPath Workshops Schedule

Cottonwood’s Sonoran Desert landscape is a living workshop!

“…a workshop is where you do actually get feedback on your work, not just something where you go and sit for a day.”  Octavia E. Butler – American Writer

 Workshop is a very positive word. If you think about your home environment, you might have a workshop area in a spare bedroom, the basement or the garage where you enjoy a hobby or create items for your home.  Sometimes you will come across workshops that are part of a larger business where patrons can gather to enjoy learning a new skill or working on projects, like paintings, ironworks, stained glass, or sewing.

Then of course there are workshops where a small group of people come together for a defined number of hours or days and focus on fine tuning a skill or learning techniques which can be applied to their everyday life. 

Cottonwood Tucson announces the InnerPath Workshops 2015 Dates

You may recall from previous posts about InnerPath, we have always referred to our InnerPath program as retreats, but going forward it will be InnerPath Workshops.  You can see the 2015 dates and pricing here, but today we thought it would be helpful to provide a synopsis of each workshop.

InnerPath Workshop

This five-day intensive workshop is tailored to meet the needs of those individuals who want to make healthy changes in their lives. Whether you are just beginning the journey of self-exploration or someone who has hit a ‘road block’ in your journey, this program is designed to motivate change and encourage self-growth. Our InnerPath Workshop (formerly Beginnings and Beyond) offers a series of non-threatening, safe, and proven experiential techniques as well as traditional group and cognitive behavior therapies. This workshop includes list work, a powerful tool for releasing ‘stuck’ feelings from the past.

Women’s Workshop

This five-day women’s workshop has been designed especially to meet the needs of women who are re-evaluating their relationships, their priorities, and their sense of self. This workshop examines the effects of trauma on women’s lives and how it affects their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The Women’s Workshop moves beyond the mere awareness of problems and focuses on tools to support women in establishing healthy boundaries, examining relationship patterns and letting go of old images and memories that contaminate self esteem. In a beautiful desert workshop, women will learn to make peace with their own personal history and take the steps in order to move into a life of freedom and joy.

Couples Workshop

This five-day workshop helps couples who want to achieve love and healthy intimacy. Many couples long for closeness, but fear a repeat of past abandonment, hurt and anger. Even for couples who have become frustrated with therapy, this intensive workshop can break destructive patterns, revitalize the relationship and teach powerful tools that allow them to attain their goals of love, intimacy and passion.

Developing Healthy Families


Addictions and psychiatric disorders can create chaos in a family. Stress and tension rise, frustration builds and communication turns to anger. Families do not know what to do. This workshop can bring relief to a family in crisis. Our five-day program offers education, new ways of relating, developing a healthy lifestyle and individual strategies to work towards solution and recovery.

Our InnerPath Workshops staff

Rokelle Lerner

Rokelle Lerner is the InnerPath Clinical Director and Workshop Facilitator. She has been part of Cottonwood since 1999 and has received numerous awards for her work with children and families including Esquire Magazine’s “Top 100 Women in the U.S. Who Are Changing the Nation.” Rokelle has been an advisor and consultant with foreign governments, US agencies, corporations, schools and hundreds of individuals on relationships, boundary issues and addiction. She is also co-founder and consultant to Children Are People, Inc., a program used in thousands of schools throughout the country. Rokelle has appeared as a guest consultant on numerous television shows such as Oprah, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News and 20/20. Her articles and interviews have been featured in the Washington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, Time, People Magazine and Parents Magazine. 

Jana Zeff Martin

 Jana Zeff Martin  is originally from the Chicago area. She followed her family out west and graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in political science. Previous to working at Cottonwood, Jana was involved with K-6 educational environments and after-school programs. She was an assistant teacher and a director of recreational activities. Jana has been at Cottonwood since 1991. She started as a tech, then worked for several years as an admissions counselor on our inpatient unit, and has been managing the InnerPath program since August of 2003.

For information, please call (888) 727-0441 ext.2141(United States). In Tucson, Arizona, please call (520) 743-2141 or fax us at (520) 743-2188.

We hope you will join us in 2015…each workshops is an experience that changes lives.

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