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Does Alcohol Moderation Management Work?

Since the very beginning of alcohol treatment in America, the primary approach to managing alcoholism has been abstinence. Conventional thinking says that if a person is addicted to alcohol, they are unable to control their drinking — therefore they must avoid consuming any alcohol at all.   In this article, Cottonwood Tucson explores the Alcohol Moderation...
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Alcohol-Related Deaths for Women Are Rising

One reason why women are so susceptible to chronic illness and death due to alcohol abuse is due to how their bodies metabolize it. Research provided by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) suggests it’s because women have less water in their bodies compared to men of similar weight, so alcohol concentrates...
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What Is Binge Drinking?

It’s easy to think we’ll simply bounce back after a lot of water and a good night’s sleep. But what’s the dividing line between having a little too much alcohol and actually binge drinking? The definition of binge drinking is consuming excessive quantities of alcohol in a short period of time—roughly two hours—at least one...
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Alcoholism and the Family

Alcoholism and the Family Alcoholism is a family problem.  In today’s world, the definition of a family can have different meanings.  There are blended families, single parent families, and grandparents who are raising children.  Even with these family structures, the alcoholic will influence every person associated with the alcoholic.  It is believed that for one...
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What Approaches Can I Take Toward Recovering From Alcoholism?

If you have been a chronically heavy alcohol drinker for some time and want to begin a life of recovery, you might need to spend some time in a detox center. Alcohol detox can be dangerous when done unsupervised without the support of a trained medical professional. Alcoholism is a toxic condition which can deeply...
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