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How Is Night-Eating Syndrome Different Than Binge Eating?

Although you might be familiar with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, night-eating syndrome, or NES, is more along the lines of binge eating. However, it’s still a different disorder altogether, and anyone who suffers from it requires comprehensive individualized treatment. Understanding Night-Eating Syndrome People are often surprised to learn that NES was...
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Individual Therapy Assessment

Individual Therapy Assessment   Individual therapy takes place between a mental health professional and a person who is seeking professional help for personal problems. Some individuals will present with specific symptoms and others might have multiple symptoms for which they are seeking help. The therapist will initiate the first session with an assessment to determine...
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Group Therapy

  Substance abuse treatment might include group therapy sessions. Many individuals do not enjoy group therapy, as they think they cannot share problems openly and confidentially. Others may not like talking about intimate issues in front of others. There are advantages to group therapy that often cannot be found in other types of treatment. Group...
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How Does Family History and Assessment Contribute To Individual Therapy?

How Does Family History and Assessment Contribute To Individual Therapy? At the beginning of most individual therapy sessions, the therapist will conduct an assessment and obtain information regarding family history.  The assessment is used to gather as much information about you as possible to help you.  The therapist wants to know some basic information about...
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