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Parents: Are Your Teens And College Aged Children Partying With MOLLY?

High school and college parties…who’s invited Teenage party invitation, circa 1963! Many families are well into the second semester of the school year. In some colleges this semester or quarter may be referred to as the winter session. Each new school session brings with it the student’s anticipation of fitting in and being included in...
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PARENTHOOD: Learning About Asperger’s Syndrome

Serendipity and television  How much television do you watch? Of course, in today’s world television viewing has evolved to include a 24 hour broadcasting menu with hundreds of channels and in excess of 50 nationwide broadcasting networks delivered to most households via cable subscription offering DVR (digital video recorder) programming and OnDemand viewing.  All of...
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Meet Scott Strode: One Of 10 Top CNN Heroes 2012

Everyday people who change the world If you tune in regularly to CNN, then you might be familiar with CNN Heroes.  CNN originated this show in 2007 hosted by Anderson Cooper. Ordinary citizens nominate everyday people who they feel make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid.  Starting each January and continuing through each week of the...
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