Parents: Are Your Teens And College Aged Children Partying With MOLLY?

High school and college parties…who’s invited

Teenage party invitation, circa 1963!

Many families are well into the second semester of the school year. In some colleges this semester or quarter may be referred to as the winter session. Each new school session brings with it the student’s anticipation of fitting in and being included in party invitations. There was a time when these party invitations were more formal in nature, like the photo shown here of an invitation circa 1963!

Take a good look at this invitation. It implies that there will be dancing, record playing, and enjoying soft drinks. Yes, times have changed, but our teenagers and college aged children still go to parties. However, in today’s world parents need to remain vigilant about alcohol abuse (underage drinking) and experimentation with both legal and illegal drugs.

Parents need to know if Molly will be at the party

First, it is important to know that Molly is not new to the neighborhood, she is also known as MDMA or Ecstasy. Secondly, parents need to be aware that the nickname Molly is short for molecule and many young people are led to believe that the drug is the purest form of ecstasy; and therefore, not as dangerous as what they might call a “dirty drug.”

However, police are now discovering that Molly is really not pure, but made with several drugs including methamphetamine. Additionally, police in many communities are discovering that the drug is often “manufactured” in someone’s basement, a car or even a storage locker.

Learn more about Molly from video

If you are having trouble viewing the news video, you can see it here.

We hope you will take the time to view the news report and read the related articles. It is important to understand that Molly can cause brain damage and lead to organ failure. 

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