Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs A designer drug is simply a synthetic drug created in a laboratory or in a person’s home.  These drugs are created with regular household substances and made with tools and equipment that you might find in someone’s home.  Methamphetamines are a common designer drug and the image of a meth lab is quite...
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MOLLY Suspected In Four Deaths

English: A Quarter Ounce of Molly (Photo credit: Wikipedia) MOLLY is turning up at parties and music festivals… It was just eight months ago that we first introduced our readers to MOLLY and this past week Molly is back in the news. The dangers of Molly are being reported by major news agencies and police...
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Parents: Are Your Teens And College Aged Children Partying With MOLLY?

High school and college parties…who’s invited Teenage party invitation, circa 1963! Many families are well into the second semester of the school year. In some colleges this semester or quarter may be referred to as the winter session. Each new school session brings with it the student’s anticipation of fitting in and being included in...
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