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Can the Seasons and Weather Affect Your Sobriety?

The Weather & Sobriety The saying goes, “As the seasons change, so do we,” and this proverb may have added meaning when it comes to addiction recovery. Although the determination to stay sober is your own, the changing of the seasons and weather can have an impact on your sobriety. As we in the United...
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What People With Clinical Depression Can’t Do Because You Say So

Depression makes people uncomfortable because sadness is generally coddled and corrected. Many people have an urge to offer unwarranted advice and direction to people struggling with depression. Unfortunately, that advice often falls short and can be more upsetting than helpful. Here is what people struggling with clinical depression cannot do because you told them to....
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Untreated Depression Among Commercial Pilots

Millions of Americans struggle with clinical depression, a mental health disorder that can impact the course of one’s life—especially if it is left untreated. There are an estimated 16 million American adults (roughly 7% of the population) living with symptoms of depression, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). While there are effective...
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