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woman using a light box for SAD light therapy

How to Handle SAD for Better Mental Health

When you feel more down or blue during the winter, it’s quite possible you’re experiencing the aptly-named SAD: seasonal affective disorder. Even in Southern Arizona, where Cottonwood Tucson is located, many people struggle in winter due to shorter daylight hours, among other factors. What Causes SAD? Although 10 million Americans experience SAD each year, scientists...
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Dr. Aaron Wilson, MD - Medical Director at Cottonwood Tucson - behavioral health treatment center in Arizona

Let’s Be Clear: Diagnosis Clarity Paves a Path that Leads to Hope

Effective treatment for mental health conditions requires a deep understanding of individuals and their experiences. For Aaron Wilson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Cottonwood Tucson, that understanding, above all else, must begin with a quest for diagnostic clarity. An inaccurate diagnosis can result in a cascade of issues to follow, such as treatment resistance that...
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alcoholic, Alcoholism

Is Alcoholism a Mental Health Condition?

Alcoholism is a mental health condition as well as a physical condition.  Alcoholism is an addiction to drinking alcohol. A person who is addicted to alcohol experiences physical and psychological issues.  Physical problems related to alcoholism include liver damage, malnutrition, and high blood pressure, and can increase the risk of getting certain cancers.  Physical dependency...
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