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Codependency The term codependency is often referred to as a relationship addiction. Codependent behavior is learned and prohibits one from having a healthy relationship with others. The relationships formed by the co-dependent person are one-sided and often abusive. Codependent relationships are often seen in families of alcoholics or drug addicts. Despite the term being used...
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Why Do People Become Codependent?

Codependency is a behavior typically learned in childhood.  Codependency affects a person’s capacity to have a positive, rewarding relationship with others.  A codependent person can be a mother, sister, son, grandparent, or spouse and it is not specific to any age or gender.  Historically, codependency was a term used primarily in the substance abuse industry...
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Are You Codependent?

Codependency is not a diagnosis but can feel equally like a mental struggle which causes physical pain. Read these signs to find out if you might be struggling with codependency. You have experienced trauma in your lifetime and you’ve never resolved it with treatment: Codependency is often born out of untreated and unresolved trauma. Trauma...
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Family Members: Codependent or Grief Stricken?

Codependency Labels Like Codependent or Addict ~ Are they Needed? Cottonwood de Tucson is a unique treatment approach to recovery, putting health and wellness as the central component of healing from addiction and disorders. It feels incongruent to promote people thinking about themselves as a disorder, such as when family members introduce themselves in small...
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