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Codependency The term codependency is often referred to as a relationship addiction. Codependent behavior is learned and prohibits one from having a healthy relationship with others. The relationships formed by the co-dependent person are one-sided and often abusive. Codependent relationships are often seen in families of alcoholics or drug addicts. Despite the term being used...
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Avoidance is a Character Trait of Codependency

When I was younger, I remember telling my father that I felt hurt by something my grandmother had said and that I wanted to talk to her about it. He responded by telling me that I was drama and that I shouldn’t talk to my grandma about feeling hurt – he said that she doesn’t...
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Why Do People Become Codependent?

Codependency is a behavior typically learned in childhood.  Codependency affects a person’s capacity to have a positive, rewarding relationship with others.  A codependent person can be a mother, sister, son, grandparent, or spouse and it is not specific to any age or gender.  Historically, codependency was a term used primarily in the substance abuse industry...
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Family Members: Codependent or Grief Stricken?

Codependency Labels Like Codependent or Addict ~ Are they Needed? Cottonwood de Tucson is a unique treatment approach to recovery, putting health and wellness as the central component of healing from addiction and disorders. It feels incongruent to promote people thinking about themselves as a disorder, such as when family members introduce themselves in small...
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