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Are You Codependent?

Codependency is not a diagnosis but can feel equally like a mental struggle which causes physical pain. Read these signs to find out if you might be struggling with codependency. You have experienced trauma in your lifetime and you’ve never resolved it with treatment: Codependency is often born out of untreated and unresolved trauma. Trauma...
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These Are The Signs Of Healthy Relationship Habits

Relationships are a foundation of recovery. Working on ourselves during treatment is how we prepare ourselves to be in healthy relationships with others. Relationship therapy and counseling are common forms of therapy in treatment to repair damage done during active addiction. In addition, psychoeducational lectures about communication, relationships, and other partner-focused topics are offered to...
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Is Your Love Addiction Causing You Harm?

Love addiction causes many people many years of anguish until they are able to face their greatest fears: being alone. In the meantime, the different behaviors and symptoms of love addiction might be causing you more harm than good. You fear loneliness so severely that you avoid it all cost. You are constantly in a...
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