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Parents: How Much Do You Understand About College Students And ADHD Prescription Diversion?

Maybe you should have a holiday conversation about ADHD drugs… Yes, this is the holiday season! College students across the country are returning home or meeting family members for a holiday vacation. Not to mention high school students will be enjoying their holiday break, as well.  It is the time of year when we all...
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Warning To Doctors and Parents: Healthy Children Should Avoid “Study Drugs”

English: Even though the SAT or ACT is preferred in different places, all states offer both. According to the preference map, 24 states prefer the ACT, while slightly more, 26, prefer the SAT supercedes in place of File:Sat-act preference.PNG Source accessed March 18, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Do you remember your SAT score? Depending on...
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Study: ADHD Lasts Into Adulthood And Can Be Coupled With Psychiatric Disorders

“Don’t worry; he’ll grow out of it!” If you are a parent, then you might remember your parent(s) or grandparent(s) offering you a comforting bit of wisdom when your child was repeating a negative behavior: “Don’t worry; he’ll grow out of it!” Sometimes the it was a simple thing like trying to ride the dog...
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Study Suggest Five Major Psychiatric Disorders Share Genetic Link

How much do you understand about your family tree? Have you seen a television or online commercial for Maybe you use Learning about our ancestors can be entertaining, time-consuming, and sometimes shocking. We occasionally find ourselves relying on relatives to fill in the knowledge gaps, the blank spaces. For example, what if by...
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ADHD And Adderall Addiction: How It Evolves…

Symptoms of ADHD described by the literature (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Thinking back to our childhood school friends… Do you ever wonder whatever became of a childhood school friend who always seemed to be getting into trouble for not paying attention in class? Recently a colleague mentioned that there was one little boy in her grammar...
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ADHD Awareness Week 2012 – ADHD News – ‘Let’s Pay Attention’

“Walk a mile in my shoes, just walk a mile in my shoes, before you abuse, criticize and accuse then walk a mile in my shoes…” (song written by Joe South and recorded by Elvis Presley) ADHD in the News This week the news is filled with articles about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Had you noticed?...
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Prescribing Adderall: Are We Treating ADHD Or Trying To Prevent Poor Grades?

Juxtaposed News Headlines This week there are two news stories that seem to be bumping up against each other. If these two news items don’t present a serious call to action, then at the very least they should be thought provoking for parents, teachers and physicians. Consider each of these headlines: A Nobel prize winner,...
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Who’s Raiding The Medicine Cabinet?

Who’s raiding your medicine cabinet? Medicine cabinets. Every home (apartment, town home, condo, detached single family, mobile home, travel home) has some type of cabinet that serves to hold medicines, shaving gear, and dental hygiene products. Historians claim that the earliest form of a “medicine chest” was in Egypt, described as woven palm fiber case...
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