New Methods for Treating Cocaine Addiction

Efforts to develop more effective methods of cocaine addiction treatments are a major focus in the field of recovery. Recovering from cocaine addiction is extremely difficult; and relapse rates are especially high – even after long periods of being drug free. New research suggests that alterations in our DNA which occur during drug withdrawal could...
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Study Suggest Five Major Psychiatric Disorders Share Genetic Link

How much do you understand about your family tree? Have you seen a television or online commercial for Maybe you use Learning about our ancestors can be entertaining, time-consuming, and sometimes shocking. We occasionally find ourselves relying on relatives to fill in the knowledge gaps, the blank spaces. For example, what if by...
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Depression: Could It Have An Evolutionary Benefit?

Only the strong survive… When you think of the phrase only the strong survive, what comes to mind? A song title or a movie title? Or maybe you think about Herbert Spencer’s phrase “survival of the fittest”, which was used by Charles Darwin when in 1869 he published his fifth edition of On the Origin...
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